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Registration for Summer 2017is now open. Click  here for more information. 
GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Maths, and Science) is a co curricular program designed to inspire a next generation of female leaders and innovators in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic) fields. Through our educational, fun and interactive camps and workshops, we engage these young minds and spark an interest to excite them towards these fields.  Our program goes further and provide opportunities for the participants to develop entrepreneurship and leadership skills. We encourage active participation during our program and the girls gain valuable public speaking skills. 

Our goal is to reach out to the girls at the elementary level (ages 8-11 and grades 2-5) and help build their confidence so that they are comfortable and interested in exploring the STEM subjects when they reach Secondary and Post Secondary Levels. 
Meet The Team
  1. Rafia Waraich
    Rafia is a founding director for GEMS and is the present Managing Director. Her Engineering degree and passion for teaching has helped in her current role. She believes in empowering women and young girls such that they can lead the world tomorrow.
  2. Sudduf Wyne
    Sudduf is a founding director for GEMS. She has an Engineering background, an MBA degree and an entrepreneurial spirit. She has a passion to leave a positive lasting legacy in this life.