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Flying Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are great ot demonstrate Kinectic and Potential Energy. 
Here our campers weave the popsicle sticks together, and are continually building potential energy. Each popsicle stick is bent over the stick before it and pinned under the stick before that, creating tension in the wood. When they finally have the length that they want, they let go and all of the tension and potential energy is released in a chain reaction of kinetic energy!

Pendulum Slip & Catch

The apparatus that we,ve constructed out of some string and hex nuts is a pendulum.  Pendulums like the one you here, operates using acceleration from gravity.  When you release the hex nut, gravity accelerates it towards the ground, giving it velocity.  .  
In our pendulum, the distance between the pivot (camper's finger) and the bob (the single hex nut) is decreased very rapidly when she releases the string.  As the distance between the bob and pivot decreases, the velocity of the pendulum increases, and its amplitude is increased to a point that it makes a number of full swings, wrapping the string around your finger.  

Newton Beads

All it takes is a slight tug and the long string of beads literally pull itself out of the container and onto the floor. AND  in under five seconds! How does it work? Sir Isaac Newton;s INERTIA! According to Isaac Newton, inertia is a tendency of all objects and matter in the universe to remain still, or, if moving, to continue moving in the same direction unless acted on by some outside force.
Lifting the container high off the ground provided a source of potential energy. The initial “tug” that the camper gave to start the beads flowing was all that was needed to help turn the potential (stored) energy into kinetic energy (the energy of motion). As the speed of the flowing beads increased, you probably noticed that the string of beads actually lifted above the rim of the container due to the inertia of the fast-moving beads. Newton stated that an object will continue moving in the same direction (initially upward) until a force acts upon it (the arcing motion of the beads is caused by the downward force of gravity.)